Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My New Planner Inserts

Well I got creative and something pretty cool came out of it!! Ever since I decided to make my own inserts to keep the theme of both my Kate Spade Wellesley and Personal size kikki.K mint/gold polka dots planners, I have been trying to create what I believe will be suffice to prevent my OCD to kick in.  I like to use the main colors of the planners as my guide to for the inserts of the planner.  I love my planners crisp and simple without a lot of fuss.  Stickers and too much color, really do not work for me and staying within the same range of patterns and colors is what I prefer.
So I made these cute calendar inserts that speak so much to me!! They are fun and happy and match the themes of both of the planners that I am currently using.  When I shared them with my fellow planners on Facebook and Instagram, they became pretty popular so now they are up for grabs on my Etsy shop.  Go and check them out by clicking on the image below!! Have fun! Since I created the inserts below, I have been adding more items to my Etsy shop!
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